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Challenge runs Febuary 10-23, 2020

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    Jessica Jackson

    Podcaster, Creator of Thriving in Motherhood Journal + Planner. Focused on having a thriving mindset in every season of life.

    Meet Jessica

    After spending years cycling between extreme survival mode from difficult pregnancies and unexpected health challenges and truly thriving, she set out to find a way to close the gap between how she was living and what she hoped was possible. The goal? To have an optimistic and joyful outlook with God at the center of her life even in the hardest of circumstances.

    She spent years researching positive psychology, high performance habits, cognitive behavioral therapy, and collecting wisdom from spiritual leaders. The Love Your Life Challenge is the product of that research and testing and it WORKS. With another hard year under her belt, Jessica knows asking these key questions each day truly makes all the difference in living a life of joy in the midst of struggle.

    What Does the Love Your Life Challenge Include?

    Febuary 10-23, 2020

    Daily questions conveniently to your inbox

    Facebook Lives on Tuesday and Thursday each week of the challenge.

    Give you key questions to ask each day that will:

    • Help you live life the way you hope is possible – full of help, guidance, power, and grace from God.
    • Make you aware of unhelpful patterns of thinking and replace them with new thoughts that make your life easier.
    • Engage you in your life so that you aren’t missing what is right in front of you.
    • Help you practice gratitude, celebrate your big wins, and begin with the end in mind so you go to bed content every night.
    • Encourage you to build relationships with family and friends to build feelings of connection and community.